Whether you are going to start an online business or feel that your company website could be improved. Radical Digital can help you establish a well-structured and good-looking website. Designing an attractive, functional and well optimised website is incredibly important to the success of your business.The two most important factors other than the content of your site are:

1. Your website should be responsive and have a high quality usability factor on mobile devices.
2. If you are utilising Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website, then your landing pages must be optimised for Adwords.

Below are six examples of websites built by Radical Digital with an overview of each site’s functionality. You can click the images if you would like to visit the websites to get a fuller picture of their design.

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Ultimate Weekends is a Secure Portal website which provides links to individual destination websites, as well as providing details of selected destinations and allowing customers to submit on-line enquiries. It is written in HTML/PHP and has a secure booking system to process customer bookings for stag, hen and group weekends away in a variety of locations. A secure certificate was obviously a requirement for this site as the site is enabled for on-line bookings and payments. The secure certificate has the added advantage of being viewed with favour by Google. Undoubtedly, Google loves its users and therefore, is coming up with every possible way to make us feel secure here on the internet. With its recent announcement, earlier this year, Google is now flagging any unencrypted websites.

car GoGo was written for a Car Finance and Leasing company using the Wordpress platform. Customers can view vehicle details and submit on-line applications for car finance and leasing. The company wanted to utilise the colour green and have a clean, simple design that would appeal to prospective customers. That was pretty much our remit, we designed the site, sourced the images and wrote the initial website text. Car GoGo now manage the website. They are delighted with the design and have seen a marked increase in the number of applications they receive since the introduction of their new website. This is a good example of a clean, simple design with good imagery which increases the ‘trust’ value of the website. 

Elite News 24/7 is a website that specialises in the publication of interesting and quirky news stories. It was established in 2017 and has seen a rapid growth in subscriptions, facebook likes and twitter followers. A popular genre of website in more recent years, our remit was to provide a clean simple design which allowed the customer to add and share news stories on a daily basis to aid the increase of traffic to their website and social media pages. The site is already hugely successful and the customer has given us countless referrals to new customers as a result. As with all our web design projects, we offer web and email hosting at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere.

Party In Blackpool was our first project. Established in December 2003, this website has enjoyed phenomenal success in the 14 years since it’s inception. Together with it’s sister sites Party In Newcastle and Party In Bournemouth it has generated thousands of stag, hen and group bookings in that time. The site has been updated countless times and as with all our websites is optimised for mobile devices which has been crucial for some time now. The site provides a whole host of weekend packages including hotel accommodation, nightlife and activities at superb prices. It is as popular as ever and is a success story of which we are extremely proud to have been part of.

The Blackpool Hotel industry is incredibly competitive and given our success with Party In Blackpool, we were asked to design a very simple website for the Blackpool Victoria Hotel to appeal to the stag and hen market in which they specialise. As with a large number of our customers, they has been quoted very high prices for design and hosting of what is in essence a website that garners customer enquiries. You’ll have seen our mantra that ‘We are Different’ when it comes to the management of your Adwords account. This also applies to our website design services. If the site needs to be simple and eye catching, that’s what we design and our prices reflect this.

A recent addition to our portfolio, Stag Weekends Blackpool is exactly what the website name suggests….. A comprehensive website offering pretty much every single option for a Blackpool Stag Weekend. We decided on a Wordpress design for this site with good quality images and detailed write-ups of exactly what is included with each package. The site offers secure on-line booking and exact pricing which makes things as easy as possible for prospective customers. Launched in late 2017, this website is already proving popular. Our Adwords campaign has driven traffic to the site and together with the clarity of information on the site and the superb prices, the conversion rate is excellent.