Remarketing – A good or a bad thing?

Google Ads (Adwords) Remarketing

We’ve all visited a website, visiting several pages, perhaps even adding something to the shopping cart, then deciding against purchasing the products or services.

The next thing, you start seeing ads for that website over and over again!

It’s called remarketing and it’s a trigger available on the Google Display Network. When you visited the orginal site, Google placed a cookie or ‘tag’ on your browser and through the magic of Google Adwords remarketing, you can be shown what Google perceives as ‘relevant’ ads from that vendor as you browse other sites.

Remarketing allows you as the supplier a second-chance to make a sale by allowing you to reshow ads to previous visitors to your websites as he or she browses other sites.




Competitor Analysis is a ‘must have’

Competitor analysis is longer a ‘nice to have’ it has become a must have.

It will help you accomplish 3 things:

  • Understand how your customers and potential customers use and rate the competition
  • Identify your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide you a starting point for developing effective competitive marketing strategies in your target market

Radical Digital can provide in-depth competitor analysis. Want to see which paid keywords your competitors are using to advertise as well as their Ad text, we can help.

What about their organic listings for your preferred keywords, we can provide that information too.

Transform your advertising campaigns as well and optimise your website to legally ‘steal’ traffic from your competitors.

Contact us today and let’s get started.


Google have expanded Extended Text Ads

Google recently made changes to expanded text ads so that you have more room to convey your message to customers. Now, you can:

  • Add a third headline
  • Add a second description
  • Use up to 90 characters for each description

To get started with using the new optional fields, try adding a third headline and a second description to your existing text ads.

For example, if you’re a retailer using two headlines that show your brand name and official site, you can add a third headline showing shipping details, promoting special offers or a call to action for customers to buy your product or service.

ARE YOU USING THE NEW FORMAT? Contact us today, we can help